Nazi Megastructure, Legacy Left Behind on World War II (Part 1)

Arya Diputra . December 21, 2018
National Geographic manage to visit what was left of the Reich when Hitler rise in power. We can still visit some structure that remains standing up until today. Some access is off-limits since they are part of history. Now, the crew manages to enter and explain what was left of World War II megastructure. While the second article will write about the Pacific War later, in this article. We will talk about the legacy left behind by the Reich itself.

Nazi Megastructure, Masterpiece of Reich


(photo credit: DSP)
Nazi Megastructure is a program made by National Geographic Channel to unveil the mystery of the megastructure left by Nazi. From V1 Rocket, until a port bunker made to withstand Allied Bomber, most of its structure remains stands as it today. Atlantic Wall, Siegfried Line, those are, without doubt, one of the longest defense line written in history. Coastal guns, bunkers, even the command post are still standing despite all of it become ruins in the present day. Throughout the exploration itself, we will see how Nazi are able to make a cutting-edge technology during World War II. This includes the foundation of some era, such as jet and missile guidance that applies on V1 and V2 Rockets. The train that stores the railgun is also part of these history left to tell. In this day, some of remaining historical part of World War II can be found on some sites. Rather than go to the museum, some of it is kept at where it was. Coastal guns, the replica of V1 Rocket, and many more. Despite the files are gone, the site left behind itself already tell the tale of how big the structure is. There is some possible scenario as the site explains itself such as V1 testing site. From there, we can see how Nazi Megastructure unveils every possible of the project made for Germany to achieve supremacy of power.  
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