Top 5 Best Android Apps in August 2018 . August 15, 2018
In case you’re on iOS, check out  list of the best iOS apps, and if you’re more into gaming you can take a look at our list of the 25 best Android games.

Five new apps you need to try (August)


samsung galaxy note 9 vs apple iphone x notes by firefox
Firefox is expanding. While Firefox may be your preferred web browser, you can now expand your Firefox use with Notes by Firefox, which is a simple note-taking app that automatically syncs your account between your Android device and desktop — meaning you can take your notes with you wherever you go. Notes are also ultra-secure, thanks to Firefox’s end-to-end encryption.


best android apps moment pro camera
The default camera app on your phone is probably more than capable, but sometimes it can be helpful to have a few more settings and options to play with. Moment gives you those controls, adding full manual mode with control for ISO shutter speed, white balance, and more. The app also lets you shoot in RAW format, which is perfect for photographers out there who want to edit their photos.


samsung galaxy note 9 vs apple iphone x autopick
AutoPick is a great way to turn physical documents into digital ones. The app allows you to scan paper documents, after which it’ll turn those documents into text that you can edit, copy, and paste. It does require you to have relatively good light, but as long as the conditions are met, it’s a pretty handy app.


samsung galaxy note 9 vs apple iphone x meetup now
Looking to get more involved with events in your local community? Meetup Now is a way to find local events and invite your friends to join you at those events. On top of that, the app is very well-designed — so it should be easy to scroll through events and find what you’re looking for.


samsung galaxy note 9 vs apple iphone x here ar city model
Here AR City Model is a cool app that allows you to take a peek into the future. With Here AR, you’ll basically print out a map of a city, then point your phone’s camera at the map through the Here AR app. Then, you’ll see a visual representation of the predictive navigation and self-learning capabilities that will power autonomous transportation. It’s a neat app, and while it may not serve a purpose in your day-to-day life, it’s still a fun way to spend a few minutes. This article was originally published at Digital Trends. Read the source article here. You Might Also Like: Here Are 5 Best Linux Distro for Developers in 2018.
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