Can You Eat Foods That Have Been Flown?

Fahad Mulyana . December 21, 2018
Bahaya Mengonsumsi Makanan yang telah Dihinggapi Lalat As we know, flies are animals that are known to be carriers of disease. Some people will then throw away the food if it has been infested by flies. However, there are also those who are indifferent and choose to keep devouring them on the grounds that they don't want to waste food. Then, is it safe if we keep eating it? Here is information about flies so that you know the dangers of eating foods that have been infested with flies.

How Flies Eat

Flies are animals known as the Latin name Musca Domestica. Flies are insects without being able to, without sting, and without fangs. Because it doesn't have teeth, flies have a unique way of eating food. First of all, he will vomit his saliva into the food that will be eaten. Then, he will suck it, chew it, and spit it out again. The component in the saliva can crush and make the fly eat its food. In addition, sometimes flies also remove their waste when they are eating. This one insect is truly disgusting, although most people feel more disgusted with cockroaches.

Flies are dirtier than cockroaches

In fact, flies are dirtier than cockroaches. This is because flies carry more than 300 types of bacteria, viruses, and even parasites in their bodies. For example, E. colli, Helicobacter pylori, Salmonella, Rotavirus, and hepatitis A. Viruses that are capable of causing diseases, such as dysentery, diarrhea, typhus, cholera, eye infections, and infections of the skin. According to insect expert Cameron Webb from the University of Sydney, reported by the Daily Mail, when we see flies alighting on food, immediately get rid of them before the flies begin to eat and dispose of their waste. But, even if the fly has done its disgusting work, should we throw away all the food? Doesn't it feel dear, if we have to throw a bowl of meatballs just because the flies are perched on it? Webb added, flies are disgusting, but the transfusion of bacteria they do to our food has the smallest possibility of causing the danger of eating foods that have been infested with flies. "Few bacteria in food because flies will not cause disease for healthy people," he said. Even so, of course the story will be different if the food has been infested by 1 fly colony for a long time. The most important thing to prevent food from being infested by flies is by maintaining the cleanliness of food and the environment around us. Because the dirty environment such as trash cans, animal carcasses, and traces of stale food are places to live as well as nests to breed for flies. (FM)
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