Microneedle Patch, Painless Vaccine Skin Patch

Fahad Mulyana . January 15, 2019
Microneedle Patch, Jarum Suntik Tanpa Rasa SakitTeknologi.id - Vaccination for some people is a very scary thing like a nightmare. However, the main problem is not who and what substances enter the body, but the syringes. Not a few people are afraid of sharp objects, especially those that will be stabbed into their bodies. This is clearly not a new problem. Then, is there a method of injection without needles and pain?

Vaccination Without Needles

A study conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology has shown that the syringe vaccinations they did have succeeded. Using Microneedle Patch, they claim to be able to vaccinate patients safely and without any pain. In fact, the patient does not feel anything when vaccination is being carried out. Microneedle Patch is a plaster with 100 pyramidal micro needles with a length of 600µm and a width of 300μm. Each micro needle contains a vaccine in a standard dose. One type of vaccine that has been tested with Microneedle Patch, the measles vaccine and flu vaccine.
In its manufacture, stabilized vaccines will be inserted into a micro-sized mold with the aim that the vaccine is concentrated on the lower end of the micro needle of the device. So, when the tape is released, there will be no residual vaccine left. Maximum work potential of vaccines in Microneedle Patch can last for four months if stored at 25 ° C.

Future of Health

This is an innovation in the health sector, where the vaccination process is shorter and hygienic. Like wearing a plaster, vaccination using Microneedle Patch can be done simply by gluing the patch slowly to the surface of the skin. With a small force of force equivalent to 28 Newton, the vaccine in the micro needle has entered the body. Micro needles will start dissolving in about 1 minute and will dissolve completely within 10 minutes. After that, only the plaster is left on the surface of the skin. The easy way to use it allows vaccination to be carried out by anyone, including the patient himself and does not have to involve skilled medical personnel. This becomes important if a mass vaccination is needed one day to prevent the spread of diseases that are pandemic in a particular region. Not only practical to use, the Microneedle patch vaccine also has several other advantages. The procedure for using micro needles tends to cause no pain. Once finished, the micro needles leave only a small amount of marks on the skin. There will be only a slight sign of erythema or redness in the skin around the location of attachment to the Microneedle Patch. However, its use will not cause any injuries at all. In addition, we can also minimize the needles of syringes in the world, which can only be used once and then discard. (FM)
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