Science of Stupid, Learning Science Through Stupidity

Arya Diputra . December 06, 2018
Science of Stupid National Geographic recently make this series about science more fun to learn. It tells about science from a different point of view. Meet Science of Stupid, the series made by National Geographic that explains about science through stupidity. Every accident the victims made, the host will explain the science of it. Angular Momentum, Friction, Center of Mass, Balance, Newton Law, everything will be explained here. So why Science of Stupid is fun to learn, let's discuss it further.

Science of Stupid tells about science

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This guy tries to reach the other pool by leaping. He succeeds it but, because of the friction on the grass that was lesser than the solid cement ground, he slips and falls to the pool. Should he leap further, he will not drench himself in water. This is an example of how the Science of Stupid explains through people that fail to apply the science. He should wear the shoes that have more grip like soccer shoes, that way the friction remains stands and he won't fall to the pool.

Another victim of science
This guy tries to sit at a pool but because he cannot maintain his center of mass and balance, he goes sideways and got kicked out from the pool. Center of mass is essential especially since it was related to the balance. Putting the center of mass at the wrong side, only fails awaits you.

Coach and a player are conducting a training. He places the ball at the booster so it will give momentum towards a player. However, since the player is not ready to face the sudden acceleration, his face got ruined. Is there a doctor in the house? The Science of Stupid is a series where we will learn science through pain, fails, and it will be explained through science itself. This also can be a reference to learn in the school or if you want to do a stunt by calculating in a precise way. That way, science will help you but if not, say hello to pain and maybe, hospital.
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