Cryptocurrency, Why It Is So Important?

Arya Diputra . November 30, 2018
People view cryptocurrency as something that they don't want to use with but for all of us, cryptocurrency is important. Starting from the emergence of Bitcoin, we realize that cryptocurrency's existence is already ahead before we know it. But why this cryptocurrency is so important that people are willing to defend it?

Cryptocurrency already exists before we know it

CoC cryptocurrency
CoC in-game money
Cryptocurrency means digital money and it first existed in the world of the online games before we knew it. If you remember playing online games, you can see they have their own money where we can buy it using real money to purchase it. The market price can go up or down depends on supply and demand for it. Every money that was stored on the internet is called cryptocurrency and right now, most of our people are using it whether they realize it or not. Any kind of payment using digital methods are related to such.

Endless Potential

FOMO Cashless
Cryptocurrency holds endless potential. Not only you don't need to go to the ATM to get some money, but you can also make a transaction right away without going to the bank or writing a cheque. You can do it anywhere as long as you have internet and you can do it anytime you can. Many companies now start making their own bank. GO-JEK, Paypal, Lazada, Tokopedia, are the examples where they create their own bank. Customers put their money there so they can use their services later.

Anticipation for future regulations

no cash regulation
cash is forbidden in the future
Due to nature is on the critical problem, we may never be able to see or touch the cash again in the near future. Someday in the future, there could be a regulation where the cash will be printed in a very limited amount every day. Digital currency become more often to see rather than cash itself in the future. Through the advancement of technology, new currency such as Bitcoin is born. It also followed by the emergence of the Blockchain or known as internet 3.0. It is where digital currency starts to take its role as the main currency rather than physical ones. There are many potential we can find and yet, people often misinterpret it and banning it. We need to make the perception of cryptocurrency clear so people know what they are going to deal with in the future.
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