Things That Will be Difficult With Technology

Arya Diputra . January 11, 2019

Wicked Tuna
There are things where technology is unable to do anything. Some of them can only be used as a support while some are still under major development. We work in some ways that we may not need technology to do so. Some technology is made for safety, while some can be also used for commercial purpose. There are, however, a certain situation where you can't use technology to do the job. While most of the job now rely on technology, some of the jobs, however, does not rely on technology. What kind of job that makes things difficult with technology?

Fisherman and Fish Buyer

You went fishing and technology can help you track those fishes and bring it in. Reeling the fish, however, makes you unable to rely on technology. Machines can't do it since fish can be smarter than technology. They can snap the reel anytime when they got hooked. Measuring the price is also difficult to do it with technology. Like how it works at Wicked Tuna, each tuna that went to the fish buyer must be measured first. The price was determined based on how oily and fat the fish is from the belly and the tail. Poor quality can be sold around US$ 10 each pound while highest quality can go up to US$ 25 each pound. Currently, there is no technology that can measure the fish price perfectly aside of human works. Currently, it's difficult with technology that you can get as many fish as you wish.


You can hunt animals with a license. The problem is, you can't just simply track them even using technology won't help you much. Animals can be erratic and you don't know where they are unless you keep an eye on it. Technology here only can help you few, even some barricade defenses won't do if the animals can outsmart it. Living the wild is totally different since you need to rely on things that animal hate naturally. Nature sometimes can give you answer rather than technology.


You can cook using technology, but then again Master Chef denies the usage of technology to cook delicious food. Technology for cooking may improve, however, to create a masterpiece, human work was essential. In Japan, to become a legendary sushi chef at Michelin 3 star restaurant, you need to train at least ten years before serving it directly to the customer. Being a sushi chef means you need to make sushi by your own hand. Technology is not very useful for this since, once again, creating sushi must use a human hand for perfection. It's difficult with technology if you want to make trademark sushi. Because only human hand can leave a mark to those who eat it. Is there any job that we may not need to rely on technology so much? AMS
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