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Arya Diputra . January 07, 2019

Money Exchange
In this modern technology, there are still troubles within our lives. Even when the ATM or known as Automated Teller Machine was invented, people are still in trouble for money. The problem is not because of the money supplies itself. It's because, in many situations, most stores will ask if we got a smaller change. Travelers and people who are aware of this will bring lots of small change money to smooth the transaction rather than using a big change of money. In Japan itself, they invent a change ATM that becomes quite popular. The main purpose is so you can convert large to a small change of money. So why money change technology was needed in our daily life?

Money Change Technology Can Reach Any Small Market Area

We are usually in trouble when we don't have small changes. This often happens when we are shopping at the convenience store or traditional market. Japan already saw this and they use money exchange technology to create an ATM that can convert big change to small change. If you got plenty of 10,000 yen bill, it's recommended to change it to at least 1,000 yen bill. Usually, 1,000 yen bill is the easiest way to exchange for a smaller one, like 100 yens. One thousand yen bill is the best bill to use in Japan. It's because 1,000 yen is generally universal money for a transaction in Japan. Most game center at Akihabara always has a coin exchange utilizing this technology. Japan's vending machine also mainly accepts small change, which can trouble us if we don't prepare it soon.

Why Most Bank Should Consider This Option

Most bank in the world never considers this option to stimulate the economy. However, when we can see it. It has the potential to stimulate the market further. Not only it will save us lots of trouble to search for small changes, but it will also enable us to purchase more items than it should. "Excuse me, do you have a small change for this one?" It's a word that bothers us most of the time everytime we pay it in a big change. It will be really weird for us to pay US$ 0.99 with a US$ 100 bill. The primary solution is to create a money change technology. When it applies, it won't be weird if you can pay US$ 0.99 with US$ 10 bill after you made the exchange at ATM that can convert one US$ 100 bill to ten US$ 10 bill. It will also save your trouble since some of the vendors may not accept a large amount of bill. Especially with such a ridiculous amount of bill to pay for small things. A bank should apply this technology as soon as possible. In some town, there can be a certain rule of using the money. In Bandung, for example, 20.000 Rupiah bill is the best bill at town while in Jakarta, the best bill can be either 50.000 or maybe 100.000 Rupiahs. The reason best bill on Bandung is 20.000 Rupiah is that it is a town of culinary and students. Lots of transactions happen at the small vendors which use small bill. A large bill will be most likely asked by Vendor if you got a small change. Though maybe no one understands how it values. It is essential to know and use this technology wisely. Most of us may already experience that we need some small change for big impact. AMS
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