Hand Solo, Teens Who Builds His Own Prosthetic Arm with LEGO

Fahad Mulyana . February 12, 2019
  Source: Hand Solo Teknologi.id - Lego is often using as a children's toy or collectors collections. But a teenager from Spain, juggling the toy into a prosthetic arm. David Aguilar or better known as "Hand Solo" on the internet. He has succeeded in making his own robotic prosthetic arm using Lego pieces. Because of a rare genetic condition, it causes him to be born without his right arm. Aguilar is a 19-year-old teenager who is studying with university bioengineering at UIC Barcelona, Spain. Until now he has made more than 4 models of his prosthetic. And his dream is to design affordable robotic limbs for those in need. LEGO has always been his favorite toy, it has become the first building material made by Aguilar at the age of 9 years. Even though it's still just a skeleton and can't be moved. From this, he dreamed of making an artificial arm that could move like a real arm.

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Also Read: Replicated Bugatti Chiron from Lego "Like a different child, I was very nervous about being in front of other people. But that didn't stop me from believing in my dreams," Aguilar, told the Reuters team. "I want to ... see myself in the mirror, like I see someone else, with two hands," said Aguilar, who uses artificial arms only occasionally and independently without it. All versions are displayed in his room at the Barcelona suburban residence. The latest model marked MK is following by numbers Iron Man comic books and the MK armors. Aguilar, who uses Lego pieces provided by a friend, proudly shows a fully functional red and yellow robotic arm that was built when he was 18 years old, bent it in an elbow joint and flexed his hands when the electric motor in it rotated.
A video presentation on a private YouTube channel "Hand Solo". Saying that the goal is to show people that nothing is impossible and disability is not an obstacle that can stop them. Source: Reuters (FM)
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