Operation: Stonewall, Challenges and What to do

Arya Diputra . December 03, 2018
CoH In Company of Heroes, there are three kinds of challenge that player can face on this game. Operation: Assault, Operation: Stonewall, and Operation: Panzerkrieg are the operations featured on this game. In this article, we will talk about Operation Stonewall and the challenges inside the gameplay itself.

Operation Stonewall, Defend or Destroyed

CoH Stonewall gameplay
CoH Stonewall
First of all, the player must hold a total of sixteen waves of attack. The attack can come from anywhere as the announcer will announce where they will be coming from. The player only receives one mission, defend the Headquarters at all costs. Other than that, it's optional to defend it but if lose it, the setbacks can be severe. Some units can become more expensive due to the importance of their role. Other than that, some are cheap but expensive to defend. You lose your factory, you can't call more units unless your secured buildings are still alive. However, you can only produce Rangers and Rifleman from that place.

Roles are important

CoH gameplay
Operation Stonewall Gameplay
In this operation, you can't just rely on one role. If you play with multiple players around, you should discuss what kind of role that you and your friends are going to take. Armor role is good in taking out enemy vehicles while infantry is good all-rounder units with proper upgrades. Wehrmacht's Stormtrooper or American's rangers are suitable for all units. However, they are relatively weak against heavy armor such as Panther, Pershing, or even Tiger. Rather than all of your friends take the same role, you should consider every pro and cons of each role you want to take. Since manpower you get was limited, you can't just simply use it for expendable units. All of them has their value and it depends on how you manage them.

Some Buildings are important

Aside from your HQ to defend it, you need to defend four other buildings. Church for healing, Manor for Population, Bank for Manpower, and Garage for repairs. The church can boost your health regeneration that also stacks with triage center. Manor will give you more population so you can produce more units than others. Bank will give you manpower so you can recruit more troops quicker than anyone else. The garage can speed up your repair rate by engineers. Remember that this only affects a player that owns it if you play multiplayer. If you lose these buildings, you will be at disadvantage for late game.

Resources are important

You will be given a limited amount of resources to defend the HQ. There will be no fuel and munitions resources as you need to salvage vehicles for munitions. Manpower, on the other hand, remains produced albeit very low. Bank can give you additional manpower rate but the production is still too slow. Conserve your manpower and munitions efficiently since the more you can save, more plans you can make. Munitions are efficient to use against a larger threat such as heavy armor or upgrading your unit's equipment. Survival is a must since you need to maintain your units for more wave of attack.

Strategy is required

You need a strategy to mobilize your unit faster before their arrival. The faster you prepare, the quicker you can deal with your enemies. A unit role is also part of the strategy since you need to maximize the advantage of your units to deal with them. Some player can use airdrops to block the way in order to limit enemy movements. Do remember that you can only use all Command Power only once, so use it wisely. If you want to play Company of Heroes again, I recommend Operation Stonewall since this operation can challenge your defenses.    
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