What to Consider When Buying Cloth and Food From Online Business

Arya Diputra . December 11, 2018
People these days love to buy things through the online market. However, not every seller are trustworthy since they can exploit our demands to scam. Tokopedia, Amazon, Alibaba, all of them got reputation to hold as one of the trustworthy markets. Here are the tips when you want to buy through online marketing.

Cloth Online Business

Japan has just recently created an application where people can measure their size without going to the shop. Some people order the clothes but, it seems either it is too big or too small for their size when the merchandise arrives at your home. That's because not every entrepreneur that do online business for clothing understand the customers. Measurements have to be taken or at least they sell clothes according to the size. If the store doesn't list sizes like XS, M, or even XXL, then it is not recommended to buy from that store. Sizes are important even if you want to buy it from a trustworthy store, that store will no longer be trusted when you find they make a wrong delivery about cloth size. When you see the store place that places the size of each clothes, then you can try to buy it. An application in Japan allows us to update measurements every time. This because that some of our body sizes may change over time. Could be become thin, fat, curvy, anything else, and Japan already considers that when making this application.

Food Online Business

If you want to buy Food through the online market, sometimes the expectation may not as we seen. Some kept their quality and some are not. In another way, it is better that you need to go and buy it by yourself rather than relying on the online market. McDonald's, KFC, they try to maintain the quality of food. While they are recommended for food online business, some market is not recommended to do so. The traditional market is the only market where you need to go there and buy it yourself. Some people may not want to go there but, it is recommended if you want fresh quality.
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