LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Reveals 3 Tips to Build a Successful Career . September 07, 2018

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Building a fulfilling career could be helped along by doing these three simple yet significant things, said LinkedIn chief executive, Jeff Weiner. Have a clear understanding of what it is you ultimately want to accomplish. A lot of people don't know what they're really looking to accomplish. To that, he said, "If you don't know exactly what that is, take the time to understand and optimize for two things — your skills and your passion and not one at the exclusion of the other."

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Surround yourself with great people. Don't just focus on your manager or your boss; it's all about the team. Weiner said, "It's the people you work for, the people you work with and the people that work for you. Make sure that you're not compromising on that front."

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Always be learning. Weiner said it's critical to constantly acquire new skills to help prepare for the jobs that will be, and not just the job you have. "The days where you could learn a trade, regardless of where you went to school and be set up for the rest of your career, I think those days are fast coming to an end," he said.

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