reMarkable, Tablets that are Like Real Paper . October 24, 2018
Unless you use a Kindle or another e-reader regularly, you probably don't come into contact with E Ink displays. While they were once popular for high-end devices, they've largely been relegated to use in reading devices now that LCD and other display technology have grown in popularity and affordability. But the company reMarkable is trying to expand E Ink's use with the reMarkable paper tablet, a slab with a 10.3-inch E Ink display and an included stylus. Not only is it meant to be a reading device, but the reMarkable is designed to replace pretty much any papers you have to bring with you anywhere—books, documents, notes, sketches, and the like. That's not a new concept, as many of us have one device that holds most of the things we need daily. The reMarkable tablet goes after paper lovers specifically, boasting its E Ink display and companion stylus as better, more convenient alternatives to the traditional paper-and-pencil setup. But it's a hard sell—priced at $599, the reMarkable tablet may offer a unique reading and writing experience compared to other tablets, but it has limiting features that prevent it from being great. Watch the video above for full review. You Might Also Like: China Will Launch a New Moon For Additional Night Lighting.
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