Ingress Prime, Game that using AI as an influencer

Fahad Mulyana . January 03, 2019
Related image - Ever heard or were familiar with a figure Lil MiquelaMiquela Sousa or better known as "Lil Miquela" is a female model, as well as an Instagram influencer with total followers of more than 1.5 million. At a glance, Miquela's profile looks ordinary, but it turns out that this Los Angeles influencer is a product of Artificial Intelligence (AI) created by Brud Group.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) now does not work only as a robot that helps human physical work only. But this artificial intelligence can be used as an influencer that helps increase product popularity. Niantic, as the phenomenal game maker Pokemon GO, has released a game entitled "Ingress Prime" Ingress Prime, is a game remake of the first Niantic game, Ingress, which was released in 2012. The concept of the game remains the same. Players are asked to choose one of the two existing factions: The Enlightened, the futurist, and the conservative The Resistance. Both of these factions must fight for power by securing portals that appear, usually located in real landmark locations. Image result for ingress prime The AI used by Niantic would not be like a game NPC that often hit a wall. What they use will instead recruit many potential players, and promote Ingress Prime like real influencers. There is an AI in each faction chosen by the player, namely ADA for The Resistance and Jarvis for The Enlightened. Players can participate in ADA training and Jarvis through the website. Although not required for participating players, they will certainly get an in-game prize. With interaction with the players, it indirectly helps AI to learn and get to know the current situation of the community, especially in the gaming sector. So that later this AI will be able to follow the existing trends and help its main task is to recruit more players from the outside world.
Unlike bots that spread HOAX, or bot comments that are very annoying on other social media. ADA and Jarvis will create propaganda to push their own agenda. They will learn from regular interactions with visitors to the site while building thoughts and preparing perfect marketing weapons. This AI is able to learn from media that is trending like memes, posters, and even videos. They will also have unique personalities as time passes with the players. For example, teaching THERE is a way to get angry, so the recruitment poster that THERE provides will look very aggressive. As this personality develops, players in the process will watch the AI they accompany finally have feelings and hearts. Indeed, this technology can reduce promotional costs, but keep in mind that the cost of initial creation is expensive. Could it be that in the future, all human work will be taken over by artificial intelligence? (FM)
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