Mogees: Change the Objects of a Daily Musical Instrument . October 04, 2018
Mogees Play is an innovative product from London-based startup Mogees, that promises to turn any surface into a music and gaming input device, bridging the physical and digital worlds in new and delightfully creative ways. The Mogees Play hopes to build on that legacy with a more mass market device that fulfils founder Bruno Zamborlin’s mission to introduce non-musicians to the technology and encourage everybody to begin making music and exploring their creativity right out of the box. The Mogees Play shipped with three iOS apps: Mogees Pulse, a rhythm game, which is a little reminiscent of Guitar Hero (and has the backing of Guitar Hero founder Charles Huang); Mogees Jam, a recording studio in your pocket that enables you to build rhythms, melodies and loops using the acoustic properties of any object a Mogees Play is attached to; and Mogees Keys, which is a ‘smart’ keyboard to trigger melodies, arpeggios and chords using the Mogees Play.

Image: TechCrunch.
Aside from the obvious musical applications, the Mogees Play can have a variety of other uses too. For instance, the product Kickstarter page shows the device hooked up to a teacup, using taps to play Flappy bird. Another example is using a table scratch to control a synced Philips Hue lightbulb. Backers get a Mogees Play sensor and two detachable (and washable) sticky pads to attach the sensor to a surface, as well as registration codes for compatible iOS and Android devices. In addition, Mogees is also opening up their API for developers to create even more unanticipated uses. “We want to give as many people as possible the chance to create with Mogees Play - which is why we’re sharing our technology and opening our API, allowing developers to invent new ways to inspire, entertain and teach with the device,” the company said. You Might Also Like: HoloLens: Mixed Reality Technology in Medical.    
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