Motherbox, Recharge Smartphone Battery From Afar . October 10, 2018
The MotherBox is an Indiegogo project that claims to be able to deliver on that promise, by offering truly wireless charging. Yank Tech, a startup headquartered in Columbia University’s startup lab, the company behind the MotherBox, claims that the device can supply 2 watts of power to a smartphone 20 inches away. The MotherBox is simple to use. Once a receiver is attached to an Android device, iPhone, or another compatible smartphone, charging begins. The closer the devices are to the charging pad, the faster they charge. And from there, users can move around the MotherBox at will — the transmitter automatically compensates for obstructions. A companion smartphone app lets users customize the rate of charging and serves push notifications when connected devices begin to run low on battery. See the video above for full review. You Might Also Like: Jarvish X-AR, Smart Helmet with Augmented Reality.
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