Storyball: Smart Toys that Turn On Children's Imagination . October 12, 2018
An interactive smart ball toy that encourages active play among children through the power of AI has hit over 400 per cent its original funding target on Kickstarter. The idea of Storyball is to offer a toy that combines physical, digital, and even educational play into a small toy perfect for kids ages 4 to 10. According to CEO Chen Lev, the inspiration for the Storyball came from playing "with the old versions of the Bop it! and Simon (Hasbro) and being really inspired by their great rhythm and skills development."  The interactive play ball guides a child’s experience through audio, haptic and light cues to signal what to do next. It will sound an alarm is the user gets caught by its story narrative’s ‘bad guy’, vibrate if they haven’t jumped high enough over an imaginary fence and more. Storyball also utilises AI and machine learning technology to detect habits, behaviours, skills, likes and dislikes among its users to tailor the game, quiz or story they are playing. The team behind the project has partnered with Nickelodeon and HarperCollins Publishers to bring hit children’s brands PAW Patrol, GUNK Aliens and Magic Ballerina to the concept through a range of featured skins. The company, which started in Israel and has since expanded to London, is headed up by Chen Lev and Adi Maimon Geffen. Chen Lev has a background in children's entertainment, working as a magician and entertainer for kids around the Storyball's target age range. Adi Maimon Geffen compliments that experience with over 20 years in product development for companies like TinyLove, which produces activity gyms for toddlers.  You Might Also Like: InstaDreamer: Wearable Device to Control Dreams.  
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