Artificial Intelligence, AI That Brings Revolution on Industry

Arya Diputra . December 05, 2018
Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence or known as an AI is currently a hot topic for the industry. Many companies start to make AI  in order to increase the efficiency of the company itself. Through technology advancement, AI can perform better than us who have been working with a limited set of work. Why Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize the industry? Here's what you can read as a reference why AI is needed.

The Avengers / Iron Man

AI Jarvis from Iron Man
AI Jarvis
Jarvis becomes a personal Artifical Intelligence of Tony Stark, the owner of Stark Industries. He assists Stark in development of the Iron Man suit. While Stark is away, Jarvis can give Stark updates which later, he takes a role in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Later, Jarvis becomes an AI for Avengers despite he was a personal AI for Tony Stark. Through this, we can see how Jarvis works as an Artifical Intelligence. He can give a direct update to Tony Stark and Avengers members with detailed information. It is shown that Jarvis can display his capability when Avengers assault the Hydra base to retrieve Loki's scepter.

Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom AI
Ritsu on Assassination Classroom was an Artifical Intelligence created in Norwegia. She was basically an AI made to kill Korosensei but later, she becomes a personal AI for the Class 3-E and remains active even after seven years of graduation. She constantly upgrades herself every day after she assimilates herself to the Internet. Through Korosensei's reprogramming, Ritsu becomes a dependable AI for the class to make a precision plan. She can assist the class whenever she can and even can give detail information about what the class needs.

Smart and Dumb Artifical Intelligence from Halo

AI Deja Halo
Dumb AI Deja
AI Serina Halo
Smart AI Serina
Bungie and 343 Industry separate the Artificial Intelligence classification into two, Dumb and Smart AI. Dumb AI is an AI that works only at a specific task and can't perform or answer a complicated question. Smart AI, however, can evolve through time by interacting with a person and able to answer a complex question. AI Deja is an example of a Dumb AI. While she can teach the candidates for SPARTAN-II, she, however, cannot answer a question that she hasn't learned yet. AI Serina is an example of a Smart AI. She can obtain new information, learning it, and share the information to the crew of Spirit of Fire. While Dumb AI operates in town, Smart AI, however, operates in military branch such as UNSC. Smart AI, unlike Dumb AI, has seven-year lifespan according to UNSC protocol. Since Smart AI can go rampant and will give UNSC trouble if the Smart AI start to do anything destructive to UNSC, they got no choice but to set up lifespan time so the AI can terminate themselves when the time is due. The challenge that the company has to take is how they will make AI able to keep their secrets. While doing so, many companies also race to create better AI to improve the civilization further.
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