Let’s See The Milestones Tim Cook Boasted About at The 2018 Apple Event

Teknologi.id . September 18, 2018

Image: Business Insider.
In his keynote speech, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that more than 500 million people visit the Apple store each year. While photos of Apple’s physical retail locations appeared on the screen behind him, it’s unclear whether or not this includes visitors to Apple’s online stores as well. “We’re about to hit a major milestone,” said Cook before announcing what is probably the biggest milestone unveiled at today’s event: the 2 billionth iOS device is about to ship. This number includes devices such as iPhones, iPads, and the iPod Touch. Back in Q1 of 2015, Apple had announced it sold ots 1 billionth iOS device in November 2014. The first product up, the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is “not only the #1 smartwatch in the world, but also the #1 watch period,” said Cook. “For millions of people around the world, the Apple Watch has been an indispensable part of their lives,” he added. However, no specific sales numbers were given for the Apple Watch.
"We pushed the screens right to the edges and we've curved the corners to match the shape of the watch," Apple COO Jeff Williams said, adding that the new screen is a full 30 percent larger than previous models. The microphone has also been moved, which will improve phone call clarity and overall volume when using audio-related apps, boosted by new speakers. The back of the watch is made up of black ceramic and sapphire crystal, which will allow radio waves to easily pass through the device, resulting in a better connection. Apple said the watch will also feature a 64-bit dual-core chip that will provide twice the speed of the Apple Watch 3 without shortening the battery life. 

Image: Apple.
Health-wise, the new watch marks the first over-the-counter ECG (electrocardiogram) device to be available to everyday consumers. American Heart Association president Dr. Ivor J. Benjamin shared his thoughts on the updates, applauding Apple for their "innovation and commitment to health." That commitment is helped by a fresh FDA clearance. Through the use of a new accelerometer and gyroscope, the Apple Watch 4 will also detect if the wearer has fallen. Once the device detects a hard fall, it will prompt the individual to either dismiss the alert or call emergency services. If the wearer doesn't respond within 60 seconds after the notification, emergency personnel and emergency contacts will be alerted. The Apple Watch 4 Bluetooth version will run $399, while the cellular version will go for $499. Both will be available to order this Friday. Then the event than moved onto the iPhone. “The iPhone X defined the future of the smartphone” said Cook before going on to mention that it’s the #1 smartphone in the world with 98% customer satisfaction. Another interesting tidbit, according to Apple, the iPhone is also the “world’s most popular camera.”

Image: Apple.
The newest members to the iPhone family — iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max — which were announced at the event are already making a little history. The new chip found in the phones, the Apple A12 Bionic, is the industry’s very first 7-nanometer chip according to Apple. Basically, these phones are blazing fast. Not only are they fast, but according to the company they also feature the best worldwide roaming as they have more bands than any other smartphone out there. Cook then invited Apple's senior VP of global marketing Phil Schiller to break down the iPhone XS. "It's as big a display as the [iPhone 8 Plus] phone, but in a more comfortable design," Schiller noted. The XS Max will have a 6.5-inch Super Retina display size, marking the largest iPhone yet. The iPhones XS also has a IP68 water resistance rating, and features "the most durable glass ever in a smartphone" with enhanced scratch resistance. The phone is made of surgical grade stainless steel, and will come in gold, silver, and space gray.

Image: Apple.
These new iPhones also bring with them a few company firsts as well. It marks the first time Apple rolls out a 512GB model phone. The iPhone XS Max, specifically, will feature the largest display ever on an iPhone as well as the longest battery life — lasting 90 minutes longer than the iPhone X. Apple’s final announcement, a third slightly lower-end model phone called the iPhone XR, made a bit of splash within the company too. The iPhone XR has what Apple called the “most advanced LCD ever in a smartphone” with a 6.1” screen, 1792 x 828 display, and 1.4 million pixels. They’ve dubbed this LCD the liquid retina display. While skimpy on specific sales numbers and zero mentions of any app store related records, Apple still had a few milestones to boast about this time around.
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