Why Most Fast Food Logos Are Red?

Fahad Mulyana . December 28, 2018
Teknologi.id - While riding, we often see logos of fast food restaurants such as Wendy's, McD, KFC, and Pizza Hut. Besides they are both fast food providers, they seem to have something in common. The similarity is, the logo almost always uses a red hue. Then why are most fast food logo red? Is there a reason behind all that? Color is one of the techniques used by companies to be more connected with their customers. But compared to the food itself, we will definitely find it easier to remember the shape of the logo and what colors are used. And 'red' has become the top color which is very difficult to resist. The average person can see more than 10 million different colors, but 'red' is very special. Apparently this striking color is the first color found by our ancient ancestors. Besides black, white and ash. Our ancestors first saw striking colors, namely 'red' which they saw from fire and blood. So for humans, 'red' has more relevance than other colors in the color spectrum. That's why we will react more when compared to other colors. This is what many fast food companies use to make a profit.

Fast Food Logo Red Can Evoke Appetite

The researchers found that the color 'red' can give a sense to humans that what they see is something important. This color also has a suggestive effect that arouses our appetite. So when these two things are combined, we will have the perfect recipe to attract hungry customers. So, this red fast food logo is not just a welcome sign. The fact is that 'red' is one of the many colors that are considered positive by various cultures in the world. So it is not surprising that many companies use this seductive color. After all, we as humans are creatures that are very closely related to visuals.
Despite having 5 senses, 80% of the information that our brain processes comes from our eyesight. And according to the WebPageFX page, the reason 85% of people in the world choose one product compared to another is the color. In addition to the colors, 80% of other products choose by reason of having a logo that is easy to remember and unforgettable.
Think about it, what happens if the McD isn't red, maybe blue, green or even pink? It doesn't feel the same right? What do you think, do fast food restaurants need to stop using red?
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